CitS Placement Service

Curious InfoTech Solutions (Dated 19/11/2021)

In our one associative industry needs: Placement Batch 2019, 2020, 2021

1. Software Testing

2. Business Development (Sales)

3. Social Media Marketing

4. Human Resource

5. Content Writing

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the full form of CitS? Its full form Curious Infotech Solutions LLP.

  2. What is its role? Its roll is to provide jobs to skilled professionals at required places.

  3. Will it demand any amount? No, simply you have to fill the attached form.

  4. What are the respossibilities of CitS? It has full responsibility like providing jobs, changing jobs, transferring jobs, and many more.

  5. Is there any hidden amount? No, here there is no hidden amount.

  6. Why is CitS doing this? During Covid19, we are suffering from many ways like jobs, corona, foods, etc. CitS has committed to do 100% support for such people.

  7. How will CitS do this challenging work? We have Mentors and Interns and many more doing work as volunteers.

  8. Who will take care of Volunteers? CitS has committed to take care of them through Insurance, Mediclaim, and not least appreciation of them by heart.

  9. What are the procedure for placement? You are advised to download format. After filling form, you are advised to email us with your Updated CV.

  10. What is your contact email? Our contact email is