Industry Institute Interaction Research Organization

Greeting from Ours IIIRO!!!!!

We are a group of 300+ interns and 75+ members. On behalf of the IIIRO and the Organizing Committee, we are honored to invite you to speak at the IIIRO event celebrating the National Career Awareness program in Engineering/Management/Science/Commerce or your stream or any of your topics for 12th Standard and Graduate students.

We believe to give a clear and fruitful career road map to students who just passed 12 standard or passed 12+3 Graduate or 12+4 Engineering Graduate through the IIIRO platform. Please share any available sunday and confirm that you are interested in such activities.

IIIRO is an open and interdisciplinary organization of Professionals (Mentors) and Students(Interns) who really want to be involved in either Finding the Problem of the world to be solved or Finding Solution of world problems or Sponsoring projects. Our work is for the Nation, our students, promote skilled people, share knowledge to our team and others.

Objectives of Ours IIIRO

  1. To display practical knowledge.

  2. To show hand-on Industry Problems.

  3. To fill gaps between Industry-Institute.

  4. To explain state-of-the-art.

  5. To demonstrate module of projects.

  6. To get opportunities become mentor.

Title: How to write research paper (Part-1)

Title: Basics of Set theory and Relations Part-1

Title: Cyber Security

Title: Teaching tools for online classes

Ours IIIRO Members

Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Mrs. Rekha Singh

Dr. Manoj Kumar Rawat

Prof. Amit Kanskar

Prof. Ravikant Soni


Er. Ashwini Verma

Dr. Manju Sanghi

Dr. Vaibhav Sharma

Prof. Narayan Prasad Gupta

Dr. Amit Kumar

Dr. Goldi Soni


Dr. Nitin Girdharwal

Dr. Manoj Kumara N. V.

Prof. Anju Kumari Verma

Prof. Amit Kumar Biswas

Dr. Manish Billore

Dr. Ajay Jaiswal


Dr. Ravi Vanshpal

Dr K Srujan Raju

Prof Deepti Rai

Prof. Harishchander Anandaram